Staying Calm in the Midst of Amy Storm

How often have you been extremely frustrated and find, an hour or two later, things just seemed to work out? It always amazes me that I can get caught up (still) in a moment that seems to be "impossible" and notice, awhile later, that not only has the issue been resolved but settled in a way I couldn't have imagined.
I always go back to the verse "Everything is working together for my good." Often I can't see it or even visualize it – especially when well-meaning people (such as experts in the technological field) say "Oh, this problem isn't going to be solved, you need a new …" If I listened only to those experts, I'd be going to the store all the time to get a new phone or computer or fax machine or… Instead, what I find is that there is almost always an easy solution that occurs due to my thinking of the issue in a new way or getting another expert's opinion or just remaining quiet for a few minutes – not that I'm necessarily talking out loud, my mind must get quiet. To be still means I must stop the chatter inside plus I have to trust that an idea, a new insight, a broader perspective can only enter if it has space in which to do so. How can anything come to you if you don't make room for it.
It is like you would enjoy having friends over but there are no free chairs, papers and magazines are stacked all over the house and you just don't have any room for them. Funny how that analogy fits.
So, in the midst of a frustrating experience, instead of fretting about it, slamming things around because something isn't going your way, YOUR way, just do the opposite of your usual pattern – get still. Be quiet inside. Let ideas float in, as if on the wings of a butterfly.
A butterfly can sense, I've found out, when it is safe to land on someone's hand. Quiet is essential, stillness (no jerky movements) is needed, and an inviting energy must be sensed.
I have had that experience. It is astounding to realize that I was chosen and why. As I look back on those times, I was in a park, or sitting under a tree or near a brook. The butterfly not only came to me but stayed by me for about an hour, landing first on one part of my arm, then another. What a great teaching – this exquisite creature found me just as an idea can "find" you, can enlighten you, can light up the dark areas of your mind, the ones stuck in frustration or anger or even fear, when you just surrender to what you can't know unless you let go. That means letting go of whatever you've tried and think you are so wise about.
We don't know even a tiny portion of what we could know if we only allowed it to emerge from that Essence within us – the all wise part of us.
I know you have had a time in your life, perhaps even yesterday, where you finally just gave up, had screamed and yelled all you could. Stopped it all and just sat still or took a walk. Taking a walk at the beach or lake or river or hiking up a trail all provide a natural widening of your perspective about what you are struggling to unravel.
Stop trying and just let it all be – perhaps for a few minutes, sometimes a half a day. I know, I really know, that you will come to the other side of that immoveable obstruction to your answer – if you take your hands and your mind off of what you think is the "problem" and just rest in the wisdom that is deep within you all the time.
All the time – in your Essence, your Soul – all is well. Always and in all ways. Provide a space for THAT part of you to come forth and lead you. You will be surprised and glad for the understandings you discover by "giving up frustration" and
allowing for fresh, new openings.