Spiritual/Psychological Renewal

How long has it been since you took an inventory of your thoughts, your desires, your deepest longings? If you are in the circle of people that let any thought take root or any random idea disturb you, then you are ready for restoration. What that means is you may want to think about what you are thinking about, desiring, spending time contemplating. You see, whatever we think about we bring about, you know that by now. However, are you putting that knowing into an action where you don't allow yourself to indulge in fear, worry or doubting kinds of thoughts? How often do you take note, really focus on your thoughts? You may stop saying out loud some things you think are negative, but what about internal thoughts, ones you don't put words to but they still occupy way too much of your mind, moment after moment, until the day is over and you haven't done any "weed pulling" to get rid of unproductive thoughts, ones that pull your energy in a negative direction. What are you thinking about right now? Are you judging what you are reading? Are you oblivious to what flows through your mind during the day?
Okay, let's say you aren't taking much thought about your thoughts. Renewal is about becoming fresh, recommitting to what serves you and what doesn't serve you.
Today, take at least 2 hours (not side by side) and watch what you think. Notice how often you are repeating what you thought about earlier in the day. Especially take note of what you wake up thinking. These are usually – isn't it the week-end yet? Can't I just sleep – ever? I hate what I have to do today…..
You will notice that you have more energy for joy, for play, laughter, listening, enjoying other's company when you take this time to monitor your thoughts. I think you will be surprised at the content.
Let me know what you discover. It is a great time for mind-cleaning. Renewal happens magically when you don't pollute your thoughts with negative or unsatisfying ones. Clean to redeem who you truly are at your Essence. It is beautiful, pure and quite holy. Let it shine – that true you.