Offer for You

I appreciate so much the comment I received from Debbie, please take time to read it. I have been thinking now for 2 days about what I can do here for those who have been willing to donate to the people of Haiti.  I came up with an offer I'd like to give you.  Before I speak about that, though, I want to preface it with what I felt drawn to do the second I first heard about the devastation there.  I felt strongly I needed to go to the airport, fly there and just go to all the people I could, those lying in the streets, crying under rocks, children, adults, anyone I could find and hold their hand or their shoulder.  I felt they were so scared, so much in shock, and so disoriented by everything they saw and felt during the earthquake that what they most could use right then was comfort of some kind, a soothing hand, not to lie and say it was all okay – of course it wasn't and still isn't, not that, but, without saying a word, just having someone there for a time could somehow help.Or, I'd pray for them right there, or sing with them some spiritual or…. It didn't matter so much what I would do or not do, it was my presence re-presenting the Presence that I felt so strongly about.  That image I had haunted me for days.  I knew I couldn't land, no commercial flight could.  I had many patients here that I didn't want to desert, but I still felt that helplessness that I'm sure many of you felt. 

Now, I know there are a few pockets of deep reverence for life that the people I spoke about 2 days ago are experiencing.  I am thrilled.  It certainly moved me to tears.  They know what they are to do, even in the midst of this horror – sing praise for their life, for life itself, for others' lives.

I want to offer you, those of you who live in the Los Angeles area, a consult with me if you have donated at least $200. to a charity or organization that you know is all going to the people of Haiti.  I have been in practice for over 18 years, am an expert in many areas, have written 2 books, etc, you can read about all that on my website.  Right now, that doesn't matter except you may want to come more if you know you will get what you walk into my office to receive.  I will give you this free consult for the fee I usually charge patients if that money has gone to Haiti in some direct way.  My website tells you where my offices are and phone number or e-mail to use to let me know you would like to receive this offer.  There just needs to be some way you can assure me you actually did donate this money – so perhaps you can figure out how to show me that was done.

I am of course grateful to all of you who sent anything to these people in their time of great need AND the time of enormous will to live for weeks under the rubble, one or two being recovered just today.  It truly astounds me to hear about these people.  It is inspiring, to say the least, and has me wondering how many people in the world could have done that.  Could you?  Naturally we can't really answer that unless we get into that same situation at some point.  But, how strong is your desire to live, not just exist, but actually live out loud every ounce of you every moment of your life?