Get Rid of that Critical Voice Inside

I have never seen anyone who is free from a critical voice inside their mind.  I have some who are consumed by it, others have it unless they are distracted by their work or some particular passionate conversations that they engage in.  Today, I invite you to begin observing, witnessing every thought that you have, every phrase that comes into your mind.  If it is negative or critical, just notice it.  For the first week, it is important to get used to observing all your thoughts.  Then, it would be wise to begin recording (in a notebook or journal) the statements you say to yourself.  What is the first thing you think about every day?  (You usually repeat the same thoughts day after day, that is the problem, you are reinforcing the thought each time you think it).  I have some people I see in my office that tell me, once they start observing their thoughts, that they say "I hate you" as the first phrase they think.  I encourage them to substitute immediately another thought once they have noticed what they are thinking – such as, "I am a Child of the Universe, I have a great purpose to achieve, I am important…."  Whatever you choose, you must substitute something positive about you the instant you say that negative first sentence.  If not, you will continue along the downward spiral into a horrible place that sets the tone for the day.  Even if you just say one phrase, most likely that isn't enough to stop the powerful phrase that has taken over your mind for many years.  

You are not what you say to yourself, you are a unique, one-of-a-kind precious gift to all the world and are here to do something that only YOU can do.  Wherever the negative words came from, they were NOT true, you must believe me, even though you have spoken (to yourself) these words many years to yourself.  Your Soul has such a different view of you, tune into your deeper Self, that Soul and ask It who you are.  You will hear such wonderful phrases, so many descriptive words that are what you really are.  You are not a piece of junk, a mistake, an unworthy person who happens to inhabit this space at this time.  You are here to do incredible things that only you can do.

However, you must first know who you are, who you truly are, not who "they" said you were – whether those people were your classmates, your caretakers, relatives, teachers, neighbors.  You are NOT what others define you as – you are just NOT.  You may have taken on those labels over time, you may have believed them since you didn't know to counter them with words you knew to say.  That still doesn't make them true.  You just took them on like a set of clothes that you borrowed or bought at a second hand store.  

You are here because you have a calling, something that only you are here to do.  So what if you don't know what that is – yet.  It is so because that is how the world was set up.  You can't be repeated, if you don't do what you are here to do, no one else is going to do it, it will just go undone.  That doesn't make sense, now, does it? 

Come to your senses and ignore your mind for a month, especially in the mornings when you arise.  You are most vulnerable to old tapes when you first wake up.  You aren't functioning with that enlightened mind that exists deep inside of you.  Wake up to some new music, wake up to words you have heard from me or another wise Soul, but don't believe that voice inside that criticizes you for outward appearances, for mistakes you made 5 years ago, for what you think is unforgivable that you did when you were in school.  

You are harder on yourself than anyone could ever be, that is just the truth, but you can change that the second you become aware that – just maybe what you are telling yourself about yourself is an old tape that needs to be updated.  You are playing tapes in your head that people who are no longer relevant in your life (even if they were parents) told you at age 6 or 9 or 13 years old.  Do you want to go around with a mind that is still stuck at those ages?  I trust you don't.  

The first step out of this mudhole is to stop your old tape, observe it, ask if your Soul believes it, and replace that old tape with one that is greatly updated.  What is something you have done in your life that you can be proud of?  Did you complete high school?  Did you go to college or did you get a job, work while you were still in school, find a career you loved by "accident" (there are no accidents)?  What has someone said over the years that thrilled you at that moment, even though your critical voice took it away from you before the hour passed?  

I know absolutely wonderful, fantastic people who are doing incredible work in this world who still have a voice inside that negates 99% if their accomplishments before they can even swallow them.  I'm not saying that accomplishments are the only way to feel great about yourself, either.  You are a human/spiritual being who is absolutely magnificent, no matter what you think you did in the past that erases that truth, it doesn't.  You have LET what you did or didn't do (like go to college, not be the perfect parent or partner or worker in a job that you hated) color how you see yourself.  

Have you ever heard of Grace?  Have you ever heard of forgiveness?  You seem to think that you deserve to carry around a large stick and beat yourself as what you deserve since you weren't the perfect….  You not only deny what forgiveness is but you lay an unneeded burden on yourself that complicates, if not destroys, what you could be doing now.

Update your way of being in this world today.  Stop beating yourself up for something that you did even a week ago.  Forgive yourself, know that others make mistakes and can go right on forging their paths to greatness while you sit in your muck and berate yourself.  What is the purpose of that?  Does it forward you or your calling?  Does it help to assuage your guilt?  NO, it only keeps all the negativity going inside of you.  You are preventing transformation this moment by how you are treating yourself.  Notice what is going on in that mind of yours every day and, if it isn't positive and forwarding you, give it up.  You needn't carry old garbage around, thinking you deserve that kind of life or punishment for whatever you did or said or didn't do. 

What happened in the past is over.  You either asked for forgiveness from those you may have hurt or you need to now and then you must let it go.  Freedom is around that next bend.  Don't you want to travel lightly upon the earth as you go about doing what you came here to do?  Then, give up all that old stuff you think you must hold onto and set your Soul free to do Its thing.

Your Soul needs to start leading the way in your life.  When you awaken, turn to your Soul and ask It what to say about you – it has some fantastic things to offer you if you only allow It Its voice.  You are not a mistake and you could never do enough "wrongs" to deserve to be punished by your mind.  If you did something really horrible, go to the courts and turn yourself in, otherwise, let yourself alone and turn your life over to your Soul, It will forever bring you Love, Peace, Joy and a new life.  What a gift to get, just by letting go of old guilts, old voices, old critics, old, old stuff that is NOT who you are.

You are not your mistakes, You are rather what your Soul defines you as – an unrepeatable, irreplaceable, indescribable lovely Being who is here to enjoy life and bring fresh energy to all who touch your life and whose lives you touch.

Get into the NOW and stay there.  It is where all is created and manifested.  Shut off those old voices once and for all, the rewards will be obvious and you will be a brand new person.  Be transformed by the renewing of your mind – today.