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Staying Calm in the Midst of Amy Storm

How often have you been extremely frustrated and find, an hour or two later, things just seemed to work out? It always amazes me that I can get caught up (still) in a moment that seems to be "impossible" and notice, awhile later, that not only has the issue been resolved but settled in a… read more

Let out your Self

When you were born, you were only a Soul, a Spirit, a Self.  Soon, you began to develop a false self, a self that was pleasing to caretakers, to all those you deemed necessary to survive.  Thus began the journey of creating that self that is ego, that self that is most likely alienated from… read more

Living From the Inside Out

As you go through each day, begin to notice whether you are reacting to something you have just seen or heard or are staying with the strong intention you set for yourself each morning.  It makes all the difference in the world whether you, first of all, set an intention, and second of all, follow… read more

A Look at Eating Disorders

I used to treat only eating disorders because I was the chief psychologist of an inpatient program as part of the teaching hospital of the medical school at the University of CA Irvine.  We were sent the toughest cases because of our reputation.  (Later I developed, chose the staff for and then directed an inpatient… read more