Monthly Archives: May 2012

Where Is Your Love?

What I have noticed over the years I have been a spiritual director/clinical psychologist is that people talk a lot about their love for their parents, siblings, spouses, friends – but they hardly ever speak of their love for themselves. When asked, they say – "Oh, I'm so hard on myself, I expect so much…"… read more

Staying Calm in the Midst of Amy Storm

How often have you been extremely frustrated and find, an hour or two later, things just seemed to work out? It always amazes me that I can get caught up (still) in a moment that seems to be "impossible" and notice, awhile later, that not only has the issue been resolved but settled in a… read more

Spiritual/Psychological Renewal

How long has it been since you took an inventory of your thoughts, your desires, your deepest longings? If you are in the circle of people that let any thought take root or any random idea disturb you, then you are ready for restoration. What that means is you may want to think about what… read more