Monthly Archives: October 2009

How are you doing with the dwelling?

I wonder if you have considered seriously that dwelling in possibility takes conscious effort?  I have noticed that most people think the same thoughts every day and worry about the same things consistently.  Have you ever thought that you are one of those who do?  You probably don't see yourself as a person who has… read more

10 Steps to Step into the World of Possibilities

1. Focus your attention on what you believe about your world now, at this moment.  Ask yourself if YOU think you're experiencing your family, work, environment, friends (everything with that world) as a place of "all things are possible here, it is exciting, open, challenging…" or "things are about like they have been for several… read more

Be Ye Transformed…

Have you heard that verse "be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind?"  Well, as a person thinketh, so is he (or she).  So, what have you been thinking about the most this day?  I want you to take a moment (or several moments) to ponder this question.  What have you been thinking about… read more

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Brand New today

What do I see, what do I hear and what do I encounter every day as I go to one of my five offices, four in Los Angeles area, one in Santa Fe?  Discontent of some kind, either with themselves or with their relationships.  I rarely find people who directly say – I am fed… read more

Begin Again

Do you feel rather stale?  Do you ever think that you don't have any energy left for what you are doing day after day after day?  Well, maybe you are not heeding the signs that you are to go to a new level in your life.  Your relationships, your work life, your ways of spending… read more